Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday, July 9

If you missed the morning show today, it's okay! I'm good. I don't mind. I know it's summer and we noticed the phone calls came in slower today than normal. This is a yearly event in talk radio. I have read many articles on it and it makes sense. People are on vacation, the kids are out of school so parents are not up as early. I don't blame you. I'm looking forward to some time off next week and I'll be sleeping in as well.

It's going to be a beautiful week! Sunny skies and the tempertures should stay in the 80s and not the 90s. Please don't use up all the good weather this week. I'm off next week.

We had a winner with the Impossible Question today. Marie got the answer to the question..."Fewer divorces happen when the couple meets THIS way. What way?" The answer was.....pause for dramatic effect......when they are introduced by HIS mother. We had alot of great guesses. I met my wife at church, Neal and Jack met their wives at work. Do you have a great story about how you met your spouse? Email it to me at

Here's a preview of tomorrow's question...pause again for more drama.....Over 60% of beach goers say this is their top pet peeve. We'll take your calls tomorrow at 7:38am.

Also tomorrow the battle will continue. I think something did happen at Roswell in the 40s with UFO's, Neal says no. Tomorrow at 6:55am I'll share a story with you about a retired CIA agent and what HE knows.

There could be another shake up with the American Idol judges. We'll have that story after 7 and we'll talk about the summer Olympics around 8. What is your favorite sport to watch? I like the diving, not a big fan of track and field. In fact, I like the winter games better than the summer. You?

Friday, June 15, 2012


We put the wraps on a fun week this morning. Thank you much if you even checked in for just a few minutes at any time this week.

Today’s RETRO COMMERCIAL was fun. It took us awhile to get a winner. The clip was from the 70’s from Orson Wells. His line was “We will sell no wine before it’s time.” Do you remember what brand it was? Paul Masson. It doesn’t even look like they make wine anymore.

Mike Hood won the Supreme Dad contest. Mike has had his share of issues in life, but it seems he is still there for the children and step children. Mike will be going to Fenway for a game, plus dinner, free coffee and a designer watch! Our thanks to Supreme Coffee and A&A Jewelers for teaming up with us. We can’t bring you these fun contests without the help of our sponsors.

It was a real treat for me to talk to Joe Castiglione today. Joe is the radio voice of the Boston Red Sox. He has a new book out called “Can You Believe It! 30 Years of Red Sox Memories.” Joe is my idol. I love listening to him and if I could have any job…that would be it. Play by play for the Boston Red Sox.

Monday we’ll have another neat interview. Richard Verlander will be with us. Notice the name? His son is Justin Verlander for the Tigers. What’s it like when your son makes the Majors? He’s on with us at 8:20am.

Enjoy the weekend! Happy Father’s Day guys!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Just Not Summer....

One of our topics today was your summer bucket list. It's not just summer until.....

Here's what we got on the phone and the Facebook postings:

Water Wizz, Horseneck (this from a guy who likes his Speedo. Ewww!), Paw Sox, Whaling City Festival, Country Whip, Kool Kone, Oxford Creamery, mini golf, sailing, fried clams, the annual Pig Roast, the Cape Verdean Independence Day Parade, going to Flo's Clam Shack. All great ideas and we thank you for the input.

On tomorrow's show: Women don't want to marry "macho men." Yes, I'll dig out the Village People records when we share that with you.

Tomorrow's Impossible Question: In a recent survey on fashion, this article of clothing was chosen as the clothing item women should NEVER wear. We'll take your calls at 7:38am.

And I have a good feeling about the Celtics tonight. We'll have the results of game 2 of the eastern Conference Finals.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


I need to find some time today to google old Bill Cosby episodes. Wasn't there a show where he was all excited to have a barbeque? Maybe it was every episode I don't know. I seem to remember him dancing in the kitchen and saying the word as if it were spelled "barrrr-beeeeee-que!"

We got the big weekend coming up, Memorial Day weekend. We had a stat the other day that said 73% of America will barbeque this weekend. Will you? This leads to so many questions: charcoal or gas? Burgers or hot dogs? Steak or chicken? For me it's:
                              A:) Charcoal. Nothin' better.
                              B:) I'm a cheeseburger guy.
                              C:) STEAK!

We'll probably barbeque on Saturday. The Braley Clam Boil is Sunday. That's the day we eat more food in one sitting than should be humanly possible.

On tomorrow's show our movie critic Joanna Langfield will have a review of "MEN IN BLACK;"
Did you hear about the people suing a guy for texting and driving? They're also suing the person that sent the text. Could set a precedent; America's favoorite cookie has been named; and the Impossible Question: Statistics show THIS will last about 5 days. What will last about 5 days? We'll take calls tomorrow at 7:38am.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The People Spoke

A VERY busy morning show today!

Last night I went on Facebook to see what was going on and what my friends were up to and I noticed a posting about a sign at St. Francis Xavier Church in Acushnet. The sign said, "Two Men Are Friends, Not Spouses." I thought, "WOW!" That's a firm statement. Then I went to bed. By the next morning (today) there were several repostings and hundreds of comments. We put it on our page, opened the phones and "the people spoke." Most were upset by the comments, but we did get a few calls and postings from people who supported the church and their views.

I agree that the church has a right to their view and I completely understand where they are coming from. I also agree that they have the right to free speech. I would have addressed it from the pulpit and not out on the street, but that's just my opinion and I was glad to give a few folks the chance to express theirs.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Move Over Oprah! Pete's Book Club!

He hasn't failed me yet! I just finished John Grisham's latest, "Calico Joe." It's a novel about a baseball phenom whose career is cut short. I won't tell you anymore because I don't want to spoil it but I highly recommend it. I'm also two thirds of the way through the "Hunger Games" series. Neal loaned me the first book then I went out and bought the second and now have to pick up the third.
What are you reading? Let me know either in a comment or an email to

We had a winner today with the Impossible Quesiton. "Doing this on a regular basis makes people happier at work." Debbie had the answer: Leaving for lunch. That's something I don't do because I don't thiunk I'd want to go back. Neal and I usually eat at our desks, finish things up and head out around 2pm.

Here's a peak at tomorrow's question: a new study shows that women do this the most between the ages of 20 and 23. Do what? We'll take calls at 7:38am.

We had a nice vist with Diane Arsenault and Richard Poyant from downtown NB inc today about "Taste of Southcoast." That's coming up Sunday and we'll have tickets to giveaway tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Back to the rain

I'm trying to remember if Sunday's weather was as nice as I remember or if it's just a case of "I'll take what I can get" when it comes to sunshine. Here we go with the cloudy, drizzly weather again. No let up til the end of the week or maybe Saturday.

If you missed today's show, you'll be excused as long as you bring a note tomorrow. We talked quite a bit about a new rule that will take effect in Massachusetts schools on August 1st. No more bake sales! No more candy bar drives! This comes from the Department of Public Health and Education who says the reason is new rules are necessary to combat obesity, which affects about a third of Massachusetts students. Bake sales??!! Haven't they been around since the 50s and we were alot thinner then. Our consensus, and that of our callers, was that kids need to be more active.

Katie Workman was our guest this morning just before 8:00. She is the editor of "The Mom 100 Cookbook." Great recipes ideas for busy moms (and dads) that the kids will like and some tips. Her website is

If you missed the Impossible Quesiton, Delores figured it out. 80% of people do this in their cars. Do what? They sing. And not too well when you examine it. I'm one of those car singers that makes up his own lyrics like that commercial using "Rocket Man" by Elton John.

Here's a preview of tomorrow's question: 53% of all Americans do this every day. Do what? We'll take your calls at 7:38am.

Also tomorrow we'll play "Don't Forget The Lyrics." I'll play a snippet from an oldie, then we'll stop it. You tell me what comes next. I had fun putting this together today. I found a youtube video on "One Hit Wonders" of the 70s. "The Night Chicago Died," "Vehicle," "Beach Baby," and the one we'll use  tomorrow at 6:38am.

The Hot Jobs Report is on at 8:38am when we check with the Greater New Bedford Career Center for job openings.

And a list of things all mothers should know. We'll have that at 7:52am.