Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why is a pain in the neck such a pain in the neck!

Ever wake up in the morning and feel like you've been tackled in a football game by a 300 lb linebacker? That's what I felt like this morning. I think I know what I did. I was watching television last night on the couch with my head propped up on a pillow. I know! My chiropractor has told me many times that this is a no-no. But it's such a nice way to chill out!

Problem is...I know what needs to be done. The doc needs me to lay facedown while he puts pressure on the spine between the shoulder blades. But that means calling for the appointment, scheduling, going there, paying the co-pay, then the relief. Don't you just wish you could go in and have it be like a McDonald's drive-thru? The voice-in-the-box asks you to place your order...then you pull up, get your the cashier and you're on your way! That's the Braley Health Care Plan. Would you vote for it?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

He Won't Do That Again

I couldn't believe it the other night when Scott Brown said his daughter Ayla was "available" while giving his acceptance speech after being named the new senator in Massachusetts. The look on her face was priceless! I just want to know what prompted him to say that? There must have been something. Maybe some conversation earlier in the day? Why did he do that?

I remember a time when my daughter was in 2nd grade. I made some comment about how she climbed into bed with my wife and me because she had a nightmare. She went to school that day and, you guessed it, her teacher mentioned the nightmare in front of the whole class. I can't imagine making a personal comment like Brown did on NATIONWIDE TV??? As I said in the title, if he's a smart man, he won't do THAT again.

Monday, January 18, 2010

You're watching this right?

This election is amazing! I've never seen anything like it and I've talked to colleagues that have been in the media longer than I have and they haven't seen anything like it either. And it's just one race! Not even a nation-wide race even though it's getting nation-wide coverage.

I think we're looking at a race that will be studied for years to come regardless of who wins. How did it get this close? Did Coakley run a bad camapign or did Brown run a brilliant campaign? How much of an influence did the new social media have? How did they gather so much money for all the last minute advertising? Was it just the timing? The Health Care bill?

Stand back! It's coming to a wild finish!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Check it closely

We got a bill the other day from a hospital in Vermont. I don't know if I mentioned it here, but back in August my wife broke her finger while we were on a camping trip in Vermont. We had the dog with us and he knocked her down in his excitement one day and she broke her finger. So, we went off to the local hospital, had them bill us for the co-pay and then went on our way. Well what to my wondering eyes should appear....but a bill for $60! We have a co-pay of $50 for an ER visit, so I paid them $50 and explained about the co-pay. A few weeks went by and they billed me for $10. When we called to ask about this, we were told it was $50 for the ER and $10 for a doctor visit. Huh? We only went to one place. A little "double-dipping" here?
It's funny. If you mention that word, they get all serious with you.

I'm happy to report that once we called the insurance company and explained, we were told not to worry. They would call the hospital and take care of it and NO we did not have to pay twice for the same visit.

Read the bill carefully...adn then question. I wonder how many times people just pay without looking.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Am I Getting Used To This?

25 degrees today when I headed off for work and ya didn't feel that bad. I have never been a fan of cold weather. Ask my wife and she'll tell you I always whine when it gets cold. Today I didn't even put on my big thick winter jacket. Just a wool coat. It only took me 48 years but I guess I'm finally adjusting.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! Now what?

Happy New Year to you!

The title of my blog today is not to be pessimistic, I just wonder what this new year will bring. Looking back on last year, if anyone had told me that my mother would die, I wouldn't have believed it. If you told me my friend Jay would die, I REALLY wouldn't believe it. Not to mention Michael Jackson or any of the other major news stories.

It is amazing all that occurs in one year. I love watching and listening to the year end specials. That's when I stop and realize all that happened.

I'm not one to make resolutions. I gave up a few years ago when I noticed that I always make the same ones. Lose weight, get more sleep, etc. I do have a couple of things I hope to do:
-Blog every day or two. It helps with my creativity.
-Walk every day. Good for me and the puppy.

Let's hope one year from now we are all looking back on nothing but good things.

Here we go!!!!