Monday, March 12, 2012

Post-Show Notes For Monday, Mar 12

Happy Day Light Savings Time! Ugggh! I hate this time of year! I like to see the sun up later and it really doesn’t bother me that it’s dark in the morning because it’ll get better over the next week or so. It’s tough to get up in the morning. It’s Jet- Lag! My alarm went off at 4:20am today and my body felt like it was 3:20am. I could not stop yawning. We also had several accidents this morning and that is not unusual for the Monday after the time change. People are drowsy. Is there still a need for daylight savings time?

If you missed it this morning, I told Neal about my confusion on Sunday. When I went to bed Saturday night, I set the time on my phone ahead one hour. In the morning, my alarm went off and it said “7:30.” That’s the time I set the alarm for. When I looked at the other clock in the room it said “5:30.” Wait a minute. A 2 hour difference? I was lost. I had to ask my wife what time it was and she said “6:30.” I didn’t have to set the Blackberry. So when I changed the clock one hour when I went to bed, it then automatically changed another hour at 2am and I was an hour off. Have I mentioned I hate this time of year????

I have a short week coming up, on the radio at least. Wednesday night my wife and family are leaving to go to Great lakes, IL. My son is graduating from Navy boot camp and he wanted us all to come out. We have six people going so the airfare would kill us. We have rented a mini van and we take off Wednesday night. We got a nice call from a man who has made the trip to see his son graduate and he gave me some tips. I also got some emails after the show telling me to try Gino’s East Side for deep dish pizza and Tom in Dartmouth says I have to try a Vienna Dog. He says nothing comes close. I will try to do that.

Our guest today was Sarah Keller-Likens from the Military Friends Foundation. They help military families in Massachusetts with scholarships, emergency grants and immediate support to families of a fallen hero. You can donate on your state tax form line 32E, go to their website or call 617-733-7994.

Looking ahead to tomorrow:

There was no winner in the Impossible Question. Over 90% of children eat this but only 10% of adults will…what is it? I did give a clue: It’s not something you can have at all times of the year. We’ll take calls tomorrow at 7:38am.

The makers of chocolate milk are trying to target grownups. They say it’s great to have after a workout.

And the world’s nose expert Dr. Hana Solomon will be with us after 8:30am. Her advice can help keep us healthier.

Enjoy the day! I need a nap.

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