Thursday, March 29, 2012


Everyone around the office has the same problem today----we don't think we can make it til Friday! We're just draggin. Almost....hang in there.

We finally got a winner on the Impossible Question. Sue Murray figured it out. What do 70% of men like to do during the summer? Watch the bug zapper! Sue got it when Neal mentioned that Kool Kone in Wareham used to have one of these. A big one. Sue remembered the bug zapper!

I'll give you a sneak peak at tomorrow's question: Most Americans say this is their biggest regret from high school. We'll take calls at 7:38am.

Our guests today included Scott Illiano. He's a high school baseball coach in New Jersey who has a new book out called "Our Time: A High School Baseball Coach's Journey." Sounds like a good book. I wish he was my kid's coach.

We also had some of the cast from UMass Dartmouth's production of "Noises Off." That's coming up this weekend. Sounds hilarious.

Did you hear the story we had about money? A nickle is now worth a dime. It costs 11.18 cents to make a nickle. Nickles are made out of real nickle and copper and it costs more to make it than it's worth. Jack said he saw a story this past weekend about phasing out coins and paper and going to cards like a debit card. Neal wondered why they have to keep making nickles. Aren't there enough around?

Movie critic Joanna Langfield will be on with us tomorrow, plus, after 7, we have a list of 20 household chores that men do badly. Here we go.......

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